I love helping CEOs avoid the same mistakes I made when selling my own companies.

Daniel Irish: I love advising CEOs who are struggling with the same philosophical questions I struggled with running my own software company. Should I sell? What's my company worth? Is it the right time? Building a great business isn't over when you sell, and no one ever gets to the summit without help. Often, a strategic buyer is the most efficient and economical way to scale your business and fulfill your dreams, but it can a difficult realization for founders to accept. If the timing is right, however, a strategic acquisition takes a lot of execution risk off the table and often puts the founder(s) in the best place to succeed.


  • Managing Partner - Irish Benedict
  • M&A Advisor - AppFuel, Cashplay
  • VP, Corporate Development - Roadhouse Interactive
  • Banker - Garibaldi Capital Advisors
  • CEO - Threewave Software
  • Executive Producer - Relic Entertainment
  • Producer (Myst) - Mindscape Entertainment
  • Manager - Rocket Science Games

recognizing one's level of risk tolerance is the hardest, yet most important, first step.

Thomas Benedict: My first buyer fell through when I was selling my company, and, at the time, I was angry. Ultimately, I negotiated better terms with a more reputable buyer, and I learned an important lesson: be patient and be precise. The goal of a transaction should never be a zero sum gain, and finding the right buyer is just as important, if not moreso, as securing the highest bid. The requisite diligence, curiosity, analysis and prescience to find the right buyer is challenging, but that's why I love my job. There's nothing more rewarding than facilitating a win for all parties. 


  • Head of Strategic Partnerships - Survata
  • Partner - Irish Benedict
  • Partner / Financial Consultant - Remy Alice
  • CEO / Founder - LINK
  • Banker - JP Morgan
  • Banker - Morgan Stanley
  • MBA - Thunderbird School of Global Management
  • BSBA - Georgetown University